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Grapevine FAQ
Grapevine FAQ

Use the contact page to send us your questions about Grapevine lawn care.  We have a professional horticulturist on staff and can answer you questions about your lawn and landscape.  Send us a picture and we will try to identify your tree or shrub?  Have a brown spot in your lawn, send us a picture.  Need a referral to get some quotes?  Contact us and we will help you with your lawn and landscape needs.

What type of grass should I plant in my shady backyard?

You should plant St. Augustine as long as it will still get 3-4 hours of sunlight.  If it is a dark area under trees, you will have to limb up the trees to provide more light or plant cool season grass seed in that area.  Check out this article: Turf Grass Considerations in Grapevine

I fertilize my lawn but it still has yellow areas, why?

It is probably your pH.  pH is a measurement that tells us if your soil is acid or alkaline.  Your pH should be about 6-7.  Around Grapevine the soil pH tends to be too high, like 7-8.  If your pH is too high, the soil can not uptake some nutrients or use all the fertilizer you put down.  You need to do a soil test and see what your pH is, then go from there.

How do I get Bermuda grass out of my St. Augustine grass?

This is a common question.  The best way to remove bermuda from St. Augustine is through cultural practices.  Bermuda likes full sun and struggles in shade.  If you leave your St. Augustine grass tall, this is help shade out the bermuda.  You will still need to mow weekly, but have your mower as high as possible.  Keep your St. Augustine as healthy and weed free as possible so it will be thick and also shade the bermuda out.

Can I water at night?

No, you shouldn’t water at night.  The water will sit on the grass and possibly cause a disease problem to start.  Water about 6-10 am in the morning so the water can dry from the leaves.

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