Grapevine Weed of the Month – Clover

Clover in Grapevine
Clover in Grapevine

Clover is a hardy, perennial weed that is frequently found in Grapevine Texas lawns, especially in the early spring. You can identify clover by looking for the spiky, white blooms. These white blossoms attract bees, so you’re likely to see increased bee activity in your yard. Clover thrives in weak, nitrogen-deficient grass. You are likely to see it growing in the cracks of your driveway. Many homeowners who haven’t fertilized in a few seasons or haven’t been using the right fertilizer are likely to see clover taking over their lawn. The good news is that there are ways to fight this stubborn weed.

Clover grows low to the ground and has a relatively shallow root system so you may be able to pull some of it up. Usually the areas are large though and pulling them up really isn’t an option. Of course, it pays to be thorough. If you leave even a small portion of the roots behind, your clover problem will crop right back up again. It may make sense to treat clover with an herbicide. Even better is to keep it from coming up in the first place. In Grapevine, a good pre-emergent applied in the fall will keep it from coming up in the late Winter and Spring. Then using a pre-emergent again in January-February will keep it at bay in the summer.

Unfortunately, many of the herbicides that are available at home improvement stores aren’t particularly effective when it comes to getting rid of clover that is already present. That’s why many people prefer to call in professionals to use their tried-and-true methods for clover removal. If you are treating it yourself, be careful that the product you choose does not harm your grass. Some of the herbicides will damage turf grass, especially St. Augustine in the Spring when it is greening up.

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