Tree Sharing Program Grapevine TX

Tree Sharing Program
Tree Sharing Program

A new page on the Grapevine city website announced that the annual Tree Sharing Program is on again for 2016.  We know that many of you look forward to this event every year.  Basically the cost of the trees is split between the city of Grapevine and Grapevine homeowners in the attempt to make it affordable to beautiful Grapevine lawns.  The post below is from The City of Grapevine:

“The City of Grapevine is proud to host its annual Tree-Sharing program for the 30th consecutive year!  This program is a joint effort between the City of Grapevine and Grapevine Homeowners in “sharing” the cost, 50/50, of up to two trees per household planted in the homeowner’s yard.

The trees are only $105 each and are 30-gallon container locally grown trees.  The price includes planting, and a 6-month, one-time replacement guarantee.  Single trunk trees will be 8-12 feet tall.  Some species will be multi-trunk and will be 6-7 feet tall.  All trees must be planted at least 30 feet from each other.  The trees offered this year are:
Red Oak Quercus shumardii
Live Oak Quercus virginiana
Chinkapin Oak Quercus muehlenbergii
Chinese Pistache, Pistacia chinensis

Tree Sharing Program – New Varieties

New this year, we will offer trees that reach maturity at a much lower overall height for smaller spaces.  These include:
Desert Willow, Chilopsis linearis (MAY BE MULTI-TRUNK)
Little Gem Magnolia, Magnolia grandiflora x Little Gem
Yaupon Holly Tree, Ilex vomitoria (MAY BE MULTI-TRUNK)
Possumhaw Holly Tree, Ilex decidua (MAY BE MULTI-TRUNK)
All of the trees offered this year are locally grown and do well in Grapevine.

Sales will begin Saturday, October 15, from 9AM–1PM at the Botanical Gardens at Heritage Park, 411 Ball Street.  The kick-off will run in conjunction with the Grapevine Garden Club Fall Plant Sale, Butterfly Flutterby, and Nash Farm’s Fall Round-up.  There are a limited number of trees for sale and they will be sold on a first come–first served basis.  Sales will continue each Monday – Friday, at the Grapevine Municipal Service Center, 501 Shady Brook Dr. from 9AM-4PM until supplies are gone.”

We encourage you to participate in this program and add 2 trees each year to your home landscape if you have the space.  Please do your homework and choose a variety of tree that will best suit your lot size.  Some of the trees on this list will grow fast, others slow, some will provide shade, some won’t, so have these questions in mind when selecting a tree.

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